Freeride World Tour

An unmissable event for anyone into skiing is the Swatch Freeride World Tour. This annual competition brings together the best freeskiers and snowboard freeriders from across the world for a series of individual events in Europe and North America. Since 2008 The Swatch Freeride World Tour has been putting skiers to the test on the most perilous backcountry and extreme terrain. Riding unfeasibly high cliffs and narrow gulls with a gradient beyond imagination, it may seem like you’d have to be crazy to take on the challenge but the sport’s top athletes are far from it.

The winners of the historic 2013 season were crowned after the final race in Verbier, Switzerland, with overwhelming action unfolding on the legendary Bec des Rosses. The contestants impressed thousands of spectators with their creativity at the mountain, as thousands more followed the competition online. After a difficult tour the top riders really had to prove themselves in the powder and of course stay on their feet.

After spending two seasons proving himself on the tour, Kevin Guri really fulfilled all that his raw talent promised. Year after Year Guri has improved, slowly growing into a mountain beating ski, showing beautiful lines executed skilfully all the way to victory at the Verbier extreme. Although it was the American Drew Tabke who took home the World Champion title, not leaving the top spots in the whole season, it is Guri who we’ll be keeping an eye on in the future. Having spent 10 years devoting his time to the sport, Tabke is a worthy winner whose strong fluid style is always recognisable.

The snowboard title was taken by no.1 seed Ralph Backstrom also from the USA, who was strong throughout the competition and finished the season in style with a big win at Verbier. It was a heated and exciting battle for the finish, between Reigning World Champion Jonathan Charlet and Aurelien Routens who came incredibly close to the title but instead had to settle with two second places.

On the womens side the skiing series was dominated by Nadine Waller who, despite having severe opposition through she pulled some great runs out of the bag at both Verbier and another tour favorite: Revelstoke. This skier is always pushing to further the limits of possibility off-piste and her technique can match some of the best riders in history. For snowboarders, Elodie Mouthon was crowned Champion and finished a solid 300 points in front of the next rider. Although she had a slow start to the season with a 5th place at Chamonix, she pulled it back with wins at both Fieberbrunn, Austria and Verbier.

Receiving well deserved international recognition the Swatch Freestyle World Tour continues to surpass every expectation. With some great competitors, and all those world champions of 2013 coming back to defend their title, the 2014 season is shaping up well to begin with Revelstoke on the 18th of December 2013.

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Off Piste Skiing

Going off the known tracks and enjoying the unknown is the key to the off-piste snowboarding. Usually when this sport started people were not allowed to go for the off-piste snowboarding due to its potential dangers. With due course the experts started to venture into the unknown world of snow and later took it is “Off-piste snowboarding” which took huge popularity. The first thing first, one needs to have a good hold on the skills and experience on normal tracks in order to go for off-piste conditions.

Even though it is celebrated as tourism but the adverse situations and conditions are completely unknown which could turn fatal. In resort courses one normally sees trees and other obstacles which are maintained by the resorts. In case one is going for the off-piste, one needs a good skill over turning in order to avoid the trees, stones and other obstacles.

The natural calamities like fall off rescue, avalanches breakthrough and other safety features must be well known to the snowboarder. A good communication between the bases should be maintained in order to get help in the exigent situations. Some of the gears are must if off-piste snowboarding is on your mind. The general first aid, hydration materials, compass, ropes, ice axes, whistle, map of the terrain and added clothes. The checklist must be fulfilled and should be in the back pack before the pounding on the snow begins.

It is always recommended to have a little knowledge of the terrain and the condition of the snow to help you for navigation through the terrain during your snowboarding. It is indeed loads of adventure and excitement to explore the unknown but the safety and awareness always help you to get the right help at the right time which can save you, when you need it the most.

Best resorts to Ski

Snowboard resorts are one of the sought after resorts for any vacationers who love snow sports at its best. Fairly speaking, snowboarding resorts are not for all and everyone. The main way to differentiate between them is to mention whether you are an amateur, beginner or expert and depending on that selection of the snowboard resort selection can be done.

The preliminary facilities, the tracks,the night life and the other facilities of maintenance and safety are some of the check points when one chooses a snowboarding resort. To start with Val Thorens is the first, with its great tracks and classy multi lingual and fooding restaurants and great bars. It is one of the best places to go for a perfect snowboarding vacation.

The second one is the well known Whistler resort, it is one of those pristine snowboarding resort with varied snow slopes and great night life to look out for and this one surely tops the list. Saas Fee is one of the most seasoned resorts for the snowboarders of the world and most loved by the residents of Britain. The next one in the list is the Verbier resort, it is one of the heavens for the free riders in the snowboarding domain. Its tracks are changing with unknown heights due to the wind formats here and that is why it is “a must” for free riders.

Another riding heaven for snowboarders is the Revelstoke, which is well known for its heli skiing and ski lifts. It is one of the best resorts for any snowboarder across the world. Avoriaz is another outstanding resort with its eight snowboarding parks with great tracks to enjoy the best snowboarding of the season.Eventhough the likes and dislikes about any resort depends on lot of things but to start with the best, above stated resorts are must.